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Guardian Amanda Rhodes Lies to Vet to defame ethical breeder

The Full Story

Friday 16 April 2021


I received a call from Amanda Rhodes, guardian for Lucy.


Amanda informed me that Lucy was undergoing a surgical sterilisation (desexing) procedure because there was an emergency situation and that Lucy would not survive unless she this procedure was performed immediately.


I was very concerned for Lucy.


Amanda had only very recently told me that she was contacted by Natalie Elliott who told Amanda lies about my breeding practices.


Amanda’s claim that Lucy was losing “a cup of blood a day” was also peculiar and I believed that if it were the case, Lucy would be dead.


I called Baron at Kedron Veterinary Clinic and he confirmed that:


1 if Lucy was losing a cup of blood a day she would be dead and

2 Lucy’s current condition as required might be resolved with antibiotics or medication.


I then contacted Jed at the Vet Surgery Amanda had taken Lucy to.  I felt it would be important to have an accurate record of the conversation.

Here is the phone call.

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