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  • What is a Labradoodles Temperment?
    Labradoodles are beautiful, gentle dogs that are happy, sociable and very clever. They love to play but may vary in energy levels but will adapt easily to their environment. Their affectionate nature makes them very good around people and other animals. Labradoodles are smart, and as such like to be challenged and are easy to train. They’re also very intuitive and sensitive to their family’s emotional state. This awareness is what has also made the Australian Labradoodle an excellent companion dog for people with special needs.
  • What kind of Coats do Labradoodles have?
    Australian Labradoodles typically have either a fleece coat or a wool coat. The fleece coat (which can be wavy, or curly) is soft and textured and feels fine, like an angora wool. The wool coat is similar to lambs wool, and is a curly coat, and being wool, can feel slightly coarser to touch.
  • What is the Cost of a Journey Labradoodle?
    Journey Labradoodle puppies are normally $5500* regardless of gender, colour, coat or size, however with respect to the floods, the price of fuel and the current world political climate we have reduced the price to $4,500. All puppies are available to their families at 8 weeks and have had their 6 week vaccination and worming treatments at 2,4,6 & 8 weeks of age. Prior to joining their families, the puppies undergo an extensive health check with my Vet and come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. All puppies are also microchipped and desexed. *Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD) and inclusive of 10% GST. Price may be subject to change without notice.
  • Live Interstate?
    Yes, a number of our Journey puppies reside interstate. We are happy to arrange transport for your pet interstate and can provide an estimate, with a final cost for any transport being invoiced to you once puppy allocation is finalsed. If you live interstate, we transport puppies to your nearest airport with JetPets.
  • When can I pick up my Puppy?
    Puppies are ready for their forever homes from 8 weeks. You are welcome to come and collect them from me, or I can arrange transport at your cost. I can provide you with a quote for transport once you have secured a puppy.
  • What Paper Work do I get with my Puppy?
    You’ll receive a folder with your puppy containing all of the important information pertaining to your dog including; a signed copy of your adoption agreement, the puppy’s pedigree information, vaccination and desexing certificates, Australian Animal Registry Registration Certificate (including microchip details) and importantly; lots of helpful hints and tips about settling your puppy into their new home, as well as training and grooming information.
  • Are our Dogs kept in Kennels?
    No. Our own dogs live with us in our family home. Our Journey breeding dogs are also brought up in loving homes by our Guardian families as cherished members of their own families. All of the litters are raised in my home and have lots of love and attention and daily cuddles. As they grow older they also have contact with my dogs and visiting guardian dogs.
  • Should I Crate Train?
    We think crate training is a good idea. It provides the dog with its own safe space (bedroom). If done properly, the puppy will learn to enjoy its crate, it will assist with toilet training and provide the puppy with a secure place where it can't get into trouble when you aren't able to supervise him. All Journey puppies have both airline and metal crates in their day and night areas so are already familiar with using them for naps, safe spaces and nighttime sleeping. We highly recommend that a crate with a play pen attached is ready and waiting for the arrival of your new puppy.
  • What is the Guardian Program?
    The Guardian Program is where we place our potential breeding mums and dads into family homes where they are brought up as valued family members but also have the added role of future parents.
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