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Guardian program

Our breeding dogs (Guardians) are the pick of the litter, displaying most importantly the best temperament, but also the most appropriate aesthetic and genetic qualities. These Guardians will join our breeding program only if they meet the health testing requirements stipulated by the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). We need our dogs to be loved family members that are raised inside, in a loving family environment.

As a guardian family you would need to bring the dog to us or meet us at our nominated vet when we have breeding related appointments or commitments, so it is important that you live near us, in the BRISBANE area. At all other times they are living with you as any pet would. Our female dogs only have a maximum of three litters each, then once our Guardian Home’s commitment to us has been met, she becomes your forever home pet. All our Guardians are retired by the age of 5.

We understand how much our families love and miss their girls while they are with us, and with a combination of live meeting (Facetime and WhatsApp), photos, phone calls and visits when possible, we keep our guardian families up to date.

Our male (stud) guardians are required to leave their family for up to 2 days at a time, if at all (our studs often visit the females and go home within a few hours, sometimes being required to repeat the following day). Sometimes we can only give limited notice (and we often offer to take them for the visit ourselves, when this is the case, then return them to you). It is unusual that a stud would be required more than 3 times a year (or less), but we set a maximum of 6 times a year.

Between the age of 8 weeks and 12 weeks we have our training and socialisation experts begin basic training, basic crate training and socialisation. We expect our Guardian Families to continue training the dogs to maintain their excellent temperament.

Our guardian families have an important role, keeping the breeding dogs in beautiful family homes and not roaming on farms then sold after they have been exploited. We are an extended family and we all keep in contact with puppies and their families in Australia and all over the world.

We ask for a reduced payment of $1,500 for all guardian dogs. This needs to be paid before the puppy is collected.

If you would like to be considered as a guardian family please send us a message or call Michael om 0413 733 415.

Brad CROP.jpg

Wally, one of our special chocolate roan guardian studs, with the family

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